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the second time so you think you can dance history a female takes home the title. >> america's favorite dancer is jeaneine. >>reporter: ryan pauses just a little bit longer. do you ever notice. that after millions of votes jeaneine named america favorite dancer last night and we spoke with her this morning as she realizes this a huge leap towards successful career and she's ready to do to work. >> that's my new goal. just represent dance well and myself and the competition and the season. i don't know. i feel in so blessed to be here. so i'm ready for this title and i'm ready for this honor and eem going to work as hard as i can to represent it well. >>reporter: season 6 of sow think you can dance premiers wednesday september 9 at 8:00 p.m. right here, of course, on fox 45. >>> one constant the ravens have had since their inaugural season noise longer there. here from john harbaugh what could be mat stover possible replacement coming up next in sports. >> [ female announcer ] new swiffer wet mopping cloths clean so deep...'s like your old mop's worst nightmare. ♪ [ thund
. for america, he was the defender of a team. >> during his nearly 50 years in the senate, kennedy a liberal democrat, served alongside ten presidents including his brother, john kennedy. he had a record of healthcare, civil rights, immigration, healthcare and more. the president fought back tears remembering the man he served with for decades. >> every important event in my adult life, as i look back this morning and talk to vicki, every single one, he was there. >> even kennedy's political polar opposite. people like warren hatch expressed sorrow at the passing of a lawmaker known to reach across the aisle no build political consensus an personal friendship. >> i will mitt him greatly. he knows. that his family knows that. >> kennedy will be buried at arlington national s cemetery near his two brothers. kennedy is not expected to lie in state at the u.s. capitol. instead he will lie in repose at the j.f.k. presidential library then a funeral at a boston church. >> his sister, eunice kennedy shriver, lived in potomac until her death less than three weeks ago. kennedy's niece, was maryland's
energy source in america and in the world. we can't keep going on like we are going on here with the use of fossil fuel. >> the new initiative commits baltimore city to reduce energy use and greenhouse gasses by 15% in the year 2015. >> is organic really better? coming up in tonight's health check, why one group of scientists says it's not. >> it was an amazing adventure. >> and the winner of, "so you think you can dance", is back home. how she >> in health check, a report shows new moms are getting older. report says the number of women 35 or older giving birth for the first time increased dramatically over the last 40 years. in 2006 one of every 12 firstborn babies had mothers who were older than 35. back in 1970, only one out after hundred firstborn babies had moms over 35. >>> research shows organic food may not be better than conventional food after all. scientists in london found the differences in nutrition aren't large enough to have a significant effect. the only changes sound between the foods were from different fertilizers used and just how ripe they were when they were harve
the meeting began. >> this is america. >>reporter: passion. turn to protest. >> people here that represent radical group. this is so wrong. people who represent a group over here that are supporters of every democratic initiative. i think the majority of americans do support this. >>reporter: the doe bait has turned the most unlikely of voters into protestors. >> president obama has made health care his top priority. >>reporter: inside senator ben card was heckled and engineered. during an hour and a half town meeting devoted to health care reform. >> i want to make sure everybody understands where we are today. that's why we need reform. >> how can you democrat support such a costly irresponsible national health care insurance. >>reporter: the doctor first to ask a question at monday meeting says the meeting may have served a valuable purpose. >> i think it may have served as a release valve because a lot of people who went there very upset. i thought that he answered a lot of their questions directly. i think it shows a certain courage on his part. >>reporter: jeff reporting.
sharp tv, america's top rated internet-- now even faster, and crystal clear phone service. all for just... for 6 months. it's like getting 3 services for the price of 2. that's a $180 savings over six months for the best in home entertainment. don't miss this unbeatable value 3 great services, for the price of 2. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v this if fios. this is big. >> fears on fox now baltimore city latest greatest hotel becomes the target of vandalism. crime justice reporter joy joins us with the latest on the story tonight. joy. >> the vandalism occurred at the hilton baltimore. a hotel with a bird eye view of camden yard. opened about a year ago. publicly financed facility with more than 700 rooms inside it. over the weekend of july 25 someone did serious damage to the facility flooding it destroying carpet and drywall in the process. it happened as thousands of visitors were in town for a soccer match. but there was also another event wrapping up that weekend. firehouse expo. which brought hundreds of firefighters to the cit
. they shouldn't come to work and if a worker gets sick at work they should be asked to go home. >> in america we love to praise the puritan work ethic, and with reason. but this fall it would serve the country better to praise common sense and responsibility. >> the cdc says those people are experiencing flu-like symptoms must take home for at least 24 hours after the fever has dissipated. >>> no storms right new in the area but things could very well change tonight. >> it looks like we're seeing that heat and humidity out there once again and there's some showers and thunderstorms mainly in southern maryland, southwest of d.c. and southeast of d.c. we had a few strong thunderstorms down to our saint mary's county where we had a tornado warning about a half hour ago but that's since expired. making its way out not mouth of the day in the chesapeake bay and looks like it will stretch across south eastern portions of the state in maryland and virginia. so still a little bit of activity down there we're kind of keeping an eye on. but that shouldn't effect us. still a line of showers and thunderstor
- ranked highest in overall customer satisfaction by j.d. power and associates. america's top rated internet--now even faster, and crystal clear phone service. all for just $79.99 a month for 6 months. plus, for a limited time, a free multi-room dvr for 3 months. that's an overall savings of $240 dollars over six months. don't miss this unbeatable value 3 great services, for the price of 2. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v today. >> fda investigates over the counter weight loss drug that may cause liver damage. they received more than 30 reports so far from patient's taking alli and sen colonel. fda says for now patients should continue using the drug as directed by their doctor. >>> from idol judge to diva host. paula abdul gets her first job since leaving "american idol". vh 1 announce she will host the diva. special live concert raises funds for the music foundation and airs september 17. >>> jonas brother fills paula's idol seat. joe jonas joins simon, randy and kara as a guest judge in dallas. dallas is the fourth of 7 cities t
the ship. this was a 4 month humanitarian mission where they provided medical services in latin america and the caribbean. they treated more than 100,000 patients and conducted nearly 1700 surgeries. we spoke with nelson clark who was the acting command master chief aboard the ship. he left the ship in norfolk pause of anger. he talked about his experience. >> health services. ministry services. trying to rebuild their country. haiti was probably one of the roughest that we saw. but every country we saw great progress. great strides being made. our people helped do that. >>reporter: once again the u.s. ns comfort is in view and coming up at 10:00 we hear from family. until then reporting live in canton, canton, karen parks fox 45 news at 5:30. >>> 2 american journalist held captive in north korea are released tonight. ling and lee were pardoned following a request from former u.s. president bill clinton. mr. mr. clinton flew to north korea to negotiate their release. they have been held since march you may recall. both accused of illegally going there for a proposed smear
america favorite dancer on you think you can dance. it's to be a jam packed two hour event. if last year shocker is any indication at all you can expect some surprises tonight as the top 20 return for some show stopping numbers a and something from unexpected talent. how is that for a tease. see the finale episode tonight at 8:00 p.m. right here of course on fox 45. >>> ravens had a special guest ♪ [ female announcer ] arthritis targets your body where it's weak. where it's vulnerable. ♪ tylenol arthritis works with your body to block the pain, without interfering with certain high blood pressure medicines like aleve sometimes can. ♪ so you don't just feel better, you feel better knowing doctors recommend tylenol more than any other brand of pain reliever. ♪ you can use it while you do just about anything. it molds better... it grips better... and seals better. you can even drink water with it on. crest whitestrips advanced seal. it's a breakthrough technology... that molds and adheres to your teeth better... you a dramatically whiter smile. whitening that fits any l
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9